How to use the web app

Viva Natura field guide to the Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals of Western Mexico includes in its first edition 240 species of local fauna and over 450 color photographs. There are 1-5 photographs per species, natural history in form of icons, a distribution map for each species and in selected cases an audio file.

This is how the app works in a nutshell:

  1. You are looking for a particular animal that you saw during your walk in the jungle
  2. You can on "Animal list"
  3. Using the thumbnail, you try to find the animal you're looking for. You can filter the animals by their groups or taxons
  4. The species plate shows common and scientific names, size of the animal and its natural history in form of icons at the bottom of the plate. Icon legend can be called out by hovering above any of the icons.
  5. Browse the species' photos by clicking on the arrows on sides of the images. There are up to 5 photos per species. All photos come with a photographer's credit, captions may also be included.
  6. The last photo in the slideshow is always a species distribution map. This can also be shown anytime by clicking on the map icon. Maps are provided in partnership with
  7. Some species' plates include sound. The recording can be played by pressing the speaker icon. When audio is not available, the icon doesn't appear


Viva Natura Field Guide was created as a school project at Charles University in Prague by Lukas Jendele.