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Nature of Mexico in video clips. Fauna in action.

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Iguana territorial display  
Green iguana territorial display..
Snake swallowing a frog..
  Hypsiglena torquata  
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>>Elephant Beetle male (Megasoma elephas), Puerto Vallarta, JAL <<
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Megasoma elephas - largest beetle of Mexico  
Injured whale, sign petition!!!
Whip scorpion devouring its prey..
Tailless whip scorpion  

Elephant Beetle male (Megasoma elephas)

One of the largest beetles of the world endemic to western Mexico. Males reach lengths of 12 cm and more; females are slightly smaller and lack the prominent horns. Adults feed on rotting fruit and live only around 4 months. In the forests of Puerto Vallarta, the adults can be seen only in between October and February. Larvae eat decomposing wood and need full 3 years to attain optimum size. Although heavy, these beetles fly quite well. Note the incredible size of this adult male (compared to a hand of an adult person).


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